#giveabook Campaign


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This is a campaign I can really get behind!  For anyone who has ever grown up poor… and when I say that, I’m talking about living in poverty conditions, where even the basic necessities aren’t a given… a campaign like this is truly important.

“But, Moonlight… isn’t it more important for kids living in poverty to have things that really matter?  You know, like food, clothes, hygiene supplies?  Books aren’t a necessity, for crying out loud!”

Oh, I beg to differ, my friends.

Books are absolutely essential for young children in need.  These children learn, at a heartbreakingly young age, that they are never going to be able to have the kind of things their friends have.  They will never have the cool toys.  They will never have the trendy clothes and shoes.  They can’t have the pencils and notebooks with the awesome colors and pretty pictures on them, because the plain ones are cheaper.  Video game consoles?  Not a chance in hell.  The list of things they can’t do and can’t have seems endless.  They learn early on that it’s a waste of time to even ask, because it’s not going to happen.

Their one escape from this bleak existence, if they’re fortunate enough, comes in the form of a book.

Books take them far away from everything that can’t have and can’t do.  Within those magical pages, infinite worlds exists.  They live vicarious lives through the characters.  Suddenly, they’re not the poor kid who wears old hand-me-downs, and feels too ashamed of everything they don’t have to invite a friend over to play.  Now… wonder of wonders!… they can be anything they can imagine.  A traveler of foreign lands, magical lands, on a grand adventure.  Solving mysteries.  Bravely fighting their way through mystical battles involving dragons.  Heading west across the unsettled plains in a covered wagon.  Learning the difference between muggles and mudbloods,  pure-bloods and half-bloods.

They can go anywhere, be anything, do everything.  Such is the magic of books.  And that’s why it’s important.  Books create dreams, and helps a child learn that even when things seem the most hopeless, you should never give up hope.  If you have access to a book, it can take you away from the realities of life.  It’s something fun that you can do at home, whether you have money or not.  If you have access to books. 

And that’s what the #giveabook campaign is all about… helping kids who need it the most discover the magical worlds that await them in the pages of a book.