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It’s a bit sad when you look over the books you read in the past year, and even you think it’s a rather disappointing list.  There were so many books I meant to read in 2015, but I just never got around to them.

Of the 63 books I actually finished reading last year, there are only 12 that left a lasting impression on me.  Those books were:

It’s not a mystery why three things Diana Gabaldon wrote made the list.  There’s a special place in my mind dedicated to storing All Things Outlander, so anything written by Herself is definitely going to be memorable for me.

Likewise, being a huge fan of The Waltons, it’s not surprising that Mary McDonough’s book is on this list.  A few times a year, I’ll pull out my DVDs and binge watch The Waltons.  It’s a series that takes me to a happy place, and as I watch it, the stress melts away.  Reading Mary’s book was a joy, because it’s wonderful to be allowed a glimpse into the real life of an artist you admire.

Liane Moriarty and Diane Chamberlain are my Favorite Author Finds of 2015.  I read a total of five books by these ladies—three by Moriarty, two by Chamberlain—and gave them all a five star rating on Goodreads.  (If you haven’t read these ladies yet, you should.  But be warned!  Once you open one of their books, it’s going to be really hard to put down.)

George Orwell’s 1984 is only on this list because I hated it.  More to the point, I hated the way it ended.  If I’d known how it was going to end, I wouldn’t have wasted one minute of my time on it.  Everything Winston went through felt so pointless… but maybe that was the point.  Just a long, drawn out way of saying  you can’t fight Big Brother and win.  Whatever.  The back of a cereal box is a better read than this so-called classic.

12 memorable books.  That’s not a very good showing for the year at all.


I think a lot of it has to do with being overwhelmed with choices.  I have so many books waiting to be read—intriguing storylines for the novels, the wealth of knowledge in books about historical people and places, glimpses into the lives of musicians, actors, authors, etc. in biographies and memoirs—and I think the problem is that I want to read them all right now.  Nothing sticks because I’m constantly moving on to the next book, instead of giving myself a little time to savor the one I’ve just finished.  I start and stop books because I get bored, and the reason I get bored is knowing I have other things that might be a lot more interesting to read.


This year, I’m taking a new approach.  If I feel like binge reading a particular author, I’m going to do it.  No more saving the books for later, just in case a new one isn’t coming out for a while.  No more telling myself I should read genre A, because I’ve been reading too much of genre B lately. I’m going to read what I want, when I want to read it.


I’d like to get into the habit of writing at least a brief review of the books I read this year.  So I’m also going to have to embrace the fact that the reviews I write are never going to be written as well or spoiler-free as others.  But that’s ok… it’s my review, not someone else’s.

And those are the random thoughts brought about by looking at My Year in Books on Goodreads.  🙂

Happy Reading everyone!