Hmm... I wonder if Shakespeare struggled with names?
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What’s in a Name?

I wonder if Shakespeare had trouble thinking of names?

So I’ve been tweaking the blog a little here and there—changed the theme, ditched the header, fine-tuned the About page, categories and tags a bit—and yet, I’m still not satisfied.  Specifically, I’m not satisfied with the name of my blog.  Fine time to have that little epiphany, after I’ve had it up and running for a while.  Sheesh!

‘Moonlight Muse’ makes for a fine nom de guerre, but it’s not exactly helpful at clueing people in to what this blog is about.  Someone who likes to think deep thoughts about the moonlight?  Or perhaps someone who feels moonlight is their muse?

No, this simply won’t do.  A better name must be chosen!  But how to choose?  How best to describe another blog that is (mostly) about books?  There are so many fabulously named blogs out there already.  Clever Names.  Fun Names.  Catchy Names.  “Wish I’d Thought of That!” Names.  And my particular favorite… names I thought of and loved, which turned out to be Already Taken Names.

Oh, dear.  Finding a new name for my blog is going to be harder than I thought…


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