Review: Passing Through Paradise by Susan Wiggs


It’s been two years since the mysterious accident took Sandra Winslow’s politician husband, Victor–the favorite son of a town called Paradise–and left Sandra under a cloud of suspicion. She decides to sell her beach house on the edge of town and hires Mike Malloy, who touches her lonely heart. Can she trust a man with unbreakable ties to a community she’s eager to leave behind–and who is determined to unearth her deepest secrets?

With this kind of set-up, Passing Through Paradise definitely has elements of suspense in it, but I decided to shelve it as contemporary romance, instead, as I felt there was more focus on the relationship between Sandra and Mike for most of the book.

I really liked this novel, even though it was the first contemporary romance I’ve read by Ms. Wiggs. Up until this, I had only ever read some of her historical romances, and I thought it would be my preference in reading her novels. I’m happy to say that I was proved wrong… it was just as enjoyable as her historical novels, perhaps more so because of the element of suspense.

If you enjoy reading contemporary romance and/or romantic suspense, I think you will find this a good read.

Author: Susan Wiggs

Title: Passing Through Paradise

Published: 1/1/2002 by Warner Books

Rating: ★★★★


This review was originally published on Goodreads on April 2, 2012.