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Review: The Broken String by Diane Chamberlain


In celebration of the forthcoming novel The Silent Sister, Diane Chamberlain introduces Riley MacPherson in the e-short story The Broken String.

As seventeen-year-old Riley MacPherson rushes to the side of her brother who has been gravely injured in Iraq, she recalls their growing up years when he was her protector and best friend. Why did that relationship fall apart? She longs for a second chance to connect with her brother, not realizing that family secrets may prevent them from ever having that closeness again.

This is a very brief short story that introduces you to the characters of Riley Macpherson and her brother, Danny, from the novel The Silent Sister. At least, it does if you read it first… I wasn’t aware this short story existed before I read The Silent Sister. If I had, I would have read it first.

My favorite part of the tale is when Riley is thinking back to when she and Danny were children. There is a sweet memory of Danny comforting her when she is afraid of a storm, and another when he saves her from what could have been a painful injury, which serve to illustrate how close Riley and Danny were when they were children. One childhood memory in particular is not such a happy one, and is something that (to my memory) is never referenced in The Silent Sister, so I won’t mention it in this review other than to say it quite interesting.

I’m giving this one three stars. I’m glad I read it, and I enjoyed it, but even for a short story, it was a wee bit too short for my liking.

Author: Diane Chamberlain

Title: The Broken String

Series: Riley Macpherson #0.5

Published: August 26, 2014 by St. Martin’s Press

Rating: ★★★






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