I just discovered Daily Prompts and it sounded like a fun thing to start doing. I checked the page and today’s one word prompt is: Solitude.


I’ve always enjoyed my moments of solitude. I particularly enjoy the nighttime hours… everyone is sleeping, the television is off, and the house is silent as a tomb. The only sounds I hear inside my home are occasional splashes of water in the aquarium, or the raspy scratch of a piece of gravel being nudged by one of my fish.

Now and then, I hear someone turning in their sleep, mumbling, lost in dreams. It makes me smile and remember hearing those same sounds when my children were still small… and how I would always tense slightly and listen attentively for a bit, in case those pleasant dreams took a frightening turn and they needed me to calm them back to sleep.

Some nights, such as this one, I’ll hear the low rumble of a train going down the tracks, whistle wailing intermittently. Outside, there are dogs answering its lonely call with forlorn howls of their own, finally quieting when the tracks fall silent.

Those times are the most relaxing for me… when everyone in and around my little corner of the world is at rest for the night. I take advantage of the stillness and indulge in reading my latest book, or working on my blog. Sometimes, I’ll just sit back and think about things. Remembering the past, dreaming about the future… I go wherever my thoughts take me.

I welcome moments of solitude… the peace it brings strengthens me to face whatever comes my way.


7 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Hi Betty, like most who live near rail tracks we tend not to notice the regular passage of trains up and down the lines but I do like waking at night and hearing one come in from a distance, drawing closer and then moving further down the track. There’s something comforting about the regularity of the track sounds. Take care Linda 🙂

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    • Hi, Linda! Thank you for commenting. 🙂 There is something comforting about it, isn’t there? Perhaps because it’s something that remains the same while the rest of the world continues to change so quickly…

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  3. Solitude is one of the greatest words in the world! You explained it very nicely. I live in NYC, so when I go to my bedroom and close the door, the silence sounds doubly sweet!

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    • Thank you for commenting and following! I imagine it must be difficult to find silent moments in such a busy city. Such a place would feel chaotic to me… I prefer the country life. 🙂

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