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First Auto-Approval!


You’ve been auto-approved

I think it’s a safe bet that every Netgalley reader hopes to receive this email, and I was so excited when I received my first one today! Being able to request books to review before they’re published is (still) a thrilling thing for this book geek, but to be auto-approved? Instantly able to read any book that publisher lists on Netgalley, no waiting? Awesome! Let the happy dancing commence!

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Fingers crossed that I will one day achieve auto-approved status with a certain other publisher  whose titles I’m especially fond of reading. I won’t say which one, because I’m just superstitious enough to think I’ll jinx myself if I do. LOL

Just wanted to share my happy news with my bookish community. If anyone is going to get how exciting this is, it’s y’all!

Happy reading!



9 thoughts on “First Auto-Approval!”

    1. Thanks! And hey, congrats on your first auto-approval! I was auto-approved for Faith Words/Center Street. Which one were you approved for?


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