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The Kitten Formerly Known As Miss Prissy

Tazzy McFitz
My kitten, looking sweet as can be.

Well, this is awkward. Turns out my kitten wasn’t a female, after all, but a male.  Sigh. I guess that explains why she… er, HE… could go from acting sweet and cuddly to being my worst nightmare faster than you can you holler “Ouch!” And I have about a million scratches criss-crossing my arms and legs to prove it.

So now that we knew she was a he, Miss Prissy needed a new name. But what to name him? I wanted to name him something that started with a ‘P’ and ended with a ‘Y’, but I couldn’t find or think of a single name I liked. Then I tried to come up with a name that rhymed with Prissy, but failed to think of anything worth considering. I spent three hours googling ‘male cat names’, ‘male names for a black cat’, etc. and it was a total waste of time.

So I tried to find words that matched his temperament, instead. I opened up my trusty dictionary/thesaurus program and started looking up words. I can’t remember them all, but I thought I found the perfect name with Stormy. It definitely fit his temperament! But after a while, I changed my mind. It just wasn’t… right.  I suggested the name Fitz, because he’s always throwing a fit, but no one liked it but me so that was shot down, too. So I started looking some more. And then I found it. The perfect name…TAZ.  (As in the Tasmanian Devil from the Looney Tunes cartoons.)


But did it fit? Let’s compare the cartoon character’s temperament with my cat.

Short temper? Check.

Very little patience? Check.

Enormous appetite? CHECK! We have a winner!

Taz, or rather, Tazzy, would be his new name. (I call him Tazzy McFitz… because I like it.) He started responding to it almost immediately, so it was definitely the right choice.

Tazzy McFitz
Tazzy McFitz, formerly known as Miss Prissy, looking as mean as he can be.


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