Walking the Dead

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I love binge-watching The Walking Dead. I have the series on DVD, and I’m doing my best to wear them out. I’ll watch the whole series every couple of months or so, on average. When I decide it’s time, I’ll gleefully announce, “It’s time to start walking the dead again!” My family’s response typically looks something like this:


But, of course, we watch it anyway, because in this house…


Perhaps that first line should read ‘You either love to watch The Walking Dead all the time…”

So we watch it. I call attention to my favorite parts, or people that annoy me (cough LORI cough) and for the next several days, that’s pretty much all we watch until we get to the end. I’m seriously thinking of another marathon binge soon, so I can have a complete re-watch before season six is released. Even though it is a bit early for my regularly scheduled binge…

Does that mean I’m obsessed with the show? Nah. I prefer to think of it as being an enthusiastic viewer. 😉  And it’s always fun to spot things I’ve missed in all the many times I’ve watched it… and yes, it does still happen, even after all this time.


Is it October yet?!?!

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2 thoughts on “Walking the Dead

  1. I feel this way about Doctor Who. 🙂 I have only seen The Walking Dead once through, but I would like to go back and re-watch it. Can’t wait for the new season to start!

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    • I’m SO ready for the new season! Rewatching season 6 was fun… I might need to watch it once more before October 23rd gets here.

      I love, love, LOVE Doctor Who! I haven’t watched it all summer… clearly, something is wrong with me. I should watch it after I finish with Breaking Bad. 🙂


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