Small Changes and New Features Coming to the Blog

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If you’ve come by for a visit over the last few days, you’ll have noticed a slightly different look around here. I’ve done a lot of theme changing in the past year, only to return to one I’ve used in the past. (The “Twenty Sixteen” theme, in case anyone is curious.) The banner got a makeover, which will be tweaked just slightly when I find the time to do it.

In the sidebar, I’ve added a Google Translate widget near the top; near the bottom, I added a copyright notice. I’ve seen one on many blogs, and it seemed like something I ought to have on mine, as well. I’ve refined my categories list (again) which will hopefully make it easier for you all to find what you’re looking for… and if not, you can use the handy-dandy search bar at the top of the sidebar!

The main menu at the top has been condensed a bit. The Meet the Geek (formerly About) menu item now has a sub-menu where you will find Contact and DisclosuresReview Request is now a sub-menu under Review Policy. The final addition is the sub-menu below Blogging Resources… which brings me to the new features I’m adding: Blogging Tips and WordPress.Com Tips!


One of my favorite things to do, after I’ve learned something, is to share that knowledge with others. I’ve learned a lot in the past year that I think will be useful for other bloggers and users. The Blogging Resources page was a good start, but a single page isn’t nearly enough space to share all the things I’ve learned.

I especially wanted to add tips as a feature, because I gave myself LOTS of headaches looking for sites that specifically talked about Pretty much everything I found was geared towards, covering things that didn’t apply to me and my specific .com issues, leaving me to learn mostly by trial and error. The help I did find came from awesome Twitter users who didn’t mind taking the time to instruct me on what was wrong, and how to fix it. (And I will be forever grateful for their help!)

The blogging tips will, naturally, be aimed at helping other book bloggers like myself, but there will also be things that any blogger can make use of, as well.

I’m REALLY excited to get started on these new features, and I hope y’all will find the tips useful. Now all I have to do is start writing them!

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