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The Gift by Louise Jensen

Have you ever read a book that so incredibly good, you wanted to tell everyone you meet that they MUST read it? Well, allow me to introduce you to The Gift, because this is an experience you don’t want to miss! Gripping, riveting, spellbinding, engrossing—whip out your thesaurus and pick any synonym you like—this fascinating psychological thriller will have you staying up way past your bedtime. But don’t worry… it’s well worth the book hangover.

Jenna is nearing six months of recovery from a heart transplant. She’s been having dreams and flashbacks of memories that are not her own, not to mention behaving in ways that are not like herself. In her quest to understand, she researches cellular memory—the theory that the cells in your body can store memories which can then be transferred to another person after receiving an organ transplant—and becomes convinced this is the cause of it all.

Breaking the rules and going against the advice of everyone she knows, she contacts the family of the young woman whose heart now beats in her chest. The more she learns about Callie, and what happened the night of the accident that took her life, the more convinced she is that there is more to it than anyone knows. Determined to find out what really happened, she insinuates herself into the lives of the people who knew Callie best, and uncovers unsettling information that makes her believe Callie’s “accident” was, in fact, murder.

Risking her fragile health and, indeed, her own life, Jenna is willing to do whatever it takes to learn what really happened to Callie that night. But when the answer comes, it’s far more insidious (and heartbreaking) than Jenna could ever have imagined.

Jensen’s writing throughout is superb. The attention to detail regarding Jenna’s recovery, and the sensitivity in showing the emotions of Callie’s family was excellent. The ominous sense of eminent danger had me on the edge of my seat from page one. Simply put, it’s everything you could hope for in a psychological thriller, and then some.

I received an advance review copy of this book courtesy of Bookouture via Netgalley.


Author: Louise Jensen

Title: The Gift

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Published: December 16th, 2016 by Bookouture

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

book worth reading

About the Book

The perfect daughter. The perfect girlfriend. The perfect murder?

Jenna is seriously ill. She’s lost all hope of getting the heart transplant she needs to live. But just as her life is ebbing away, she receives a donor heart from a girl called Callie.

Who was Callie and how did she die? Jenna is determined to find out.

The closer Jenna gets to those who loved Callie, the more questions arise about her untimely death. Someone knows what happened to Callie. Why won’t they talk?

Jenna is about to uncover the truth, but it could cost her everything; her loved ones, her sanity, even her life.

A compelling, gripping psychological thriller with a killer twist from the author of the Number One bestseller The Sister.

About the Author

Louise Jensen
Louise Jensen

Louise Jensen always wanted to be Enid Blyton when she grew up, and when that didn’t happen she got a ‘proper’ job instead.

Several years ago an accident left Louise with a disability and she began writing once again, to distract her from her pain and compromised mobility. But writing turned out to be more than just a good distraction. Louise loves creating exciting worlds, dark characters, and twisted plots.

Louise lives in Northamptonshire with her husband, sons, a madcap spaniel and a rather naughty cat, and also teaches mindfulness.

Author photo and bio via Bookouture.


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    1. Very addictive, I agree! I think what I liked most about the ending is (for me) it was completely unexpected. I had lots of theories as I was reading, but I never would have figured out the way it ended in a million years.

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