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Looking for blogging advice and a place to ask questions and get answers where you can also socialize with other bloggers? Come join us on this Facebook group! Let’s support one another and share what we’ve learned. 🙂

The LizaJane Chronicles


I’ve been talking to other bloggers and nobody can tell me where to find a group where bloggers can talk, learn, socialize, etc.

I see message boards but they aren’t my favorite thing.

I’ve joined book blog groups but nobody posts anything.

I want to learn people! I want to talk to other bloggers about obstacles, pros, cons and whatnot. I want to share the experience and learn from others what makes them successful and what they regret.

Does this seem interesting to you?

Come join us and help us and yourself be the best blogger you can be! CLICK HERE!

Be warned that the group is new and will be changing and growing as members join and we all learn new things.

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