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The Last Sacrifice is a tie-in to Hart’s Dominion Trilogy, telling the story of what happened to Janie Tenner. Readers of the Dominion Trilogy will recognize her as the sister of Chelsea Tenner, and will recall her relating the story of Janie’s abduction to Zoey in The Last Girl. In this graphic novel, we learn what happened to Janie after she was taken.

I’m the type of reader who always wants to know more, so I was excited to read Janie’s story. Knowing what happened to her satisfied my curiosity immensely, and rounded out the series nicely, in my opinion.

The artwork throughout is beautifully done, easily conveying Janie’s horror, fear, etc. and giving the written words far more depth than they would have had, alone. I was amused to see a character who had a very strong resemblances to a certain actor, but it definitely set the mood for that character’s actions, so it worked for me.

A word of caution: you really shouldn’t read The Last Sacrifice as a stand-alone story. I’ve seen many reviews with readers opining that it didn’t make sense, or was too vague about what happened previously, giving lower ratings as a consequence. I can understand the frustration these readers must have felt because if you read it as a story that stands on its own, it’s not going to make sense to you. This graphic novel was never meant to be read as a stand-alone, however, as it gives a small slice of a much larger story. In order to fully appreciate this story, you really need to read the series, as well—otherwise, you’re most likely bound to be confused and disappointed.

I received an advance review copy of this book courtesy of Goodreads Giveaways and the author.

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Authors: Joe Hart, Stuart Moore
Illustrations: Michael Montenat (Art, Pencils, Inks, Cover), Andrew Dalhouse (Colorist), Chris Summers (Cover)
Title: The Last Sacrifice
Series: The Dominion Trilogy
Genre: Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Graphic Novel
Published: January 4th 2017 by Jet City Comics
Rating: 4 star

About the Book

Acclaimed novelist Joe Hart (The Last Girl) brings the engrossing dystopian paranoia of his popular Dominion series to the comics page in collaboration with award-winning comic book writer Stuart Moore (The Zodiac Legacy) and celebrated illustrator Michael Montenat (Clive Barker’s Hellraiser).

In the near future, with the world’s female population on the brink of extinction, teenager Janie Tenner is taken by the sinister National Obstetric Alliance. Desperate to escape and reunite with her missing sister, she finds an unlikely ally: grieving father Tom Vincent, whose own daughter has disappeared.

But will Tom lead Janie out of the darkness to the promised land…or into a fresh new hell on earth?

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About the Creators

JOE HART was born and raised in northern Minnesota. Having dedicated himself to writing horror and thriller fiction since the tender age of nine, he is now the author of nine novels, including The River Is Dark, Lineage, EverFall, and the first two books in the Dominion Trilogy, on which this graphic novel is based. When not writing, he enjoys reading, exercising, exploring the great outdoors, and watching movies with his family. For more information on his upcoming novels and access to his blog, visit

STUART MOORE is a writer, a book editor, and an award-winning comics editor. His recent writing includes EGOs, an original comic book series from Image Comics, and The Zodiac Legacy, a major Disney project created and cowritten by Stan Lee. His comics work includes Wolverine Noir, Namor: The First Mutant, Firestorm, and the graphic novels Earthlight, Para, Shadrach Stone, and Mandala. He also wrote the novelizations of Marvel’s Civil War comics series and Disney’s John Carter film. He contributed two series, Teach and Out with a Bang, to the launch of the online comics app Stela.

MICHAEL MONTENAT is a freelance illustrator from North Jersey. His past work includes Hellraiser Annual #1 for BOOM! Studios, Pilot Season: Anonymous for Top Cow, Tales from the Cobra Wars for IDW Publishing and scattered shorts in anthologies such as the CBLDF Liberty Annual, and Omega Comics Presents for Pop! Goes the Icon.

ANDREW DALHOUSE is a comic book colorist who has given hues to almost every major character in the DC Comics universe, from Batman to Wonder Woman. He’s currently coloring Faith, the groundbreaking series from Valiant Comics.

CHRIS SUMMERS is a husband, father, musician and a freelance comic artist and designer and has been professionally working in Art & Comics for over 15 years. As a professional comic artist/digital painter/colorist his credits include Evil Dead 2, GI Joe, Dungeons & Dragons, Superman, Nightwing, The Perhapanauts, Eternal Decent, Spartacus: Blood & Sand Comic Book and Motion Comic and much more. 




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