Guest Post: Author Lance Morcan on Silent Fear + ARC Offer for TGB Followers

I’m delighted to welcome Lance Morcan— who has co-authored several books with his son, James— to the blog to tell you all about the writing duo’s upcoming novel, Silent Fear. Lance has kindly offered to provide free ARCs of the book to any TGB follower who is interested. How awesome is that?

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About the book:

Silent Fear is dedicated to the many millions of deaf people around the world. It is the eighth published novel by New Zealand father-and-son writing team Lance and James Morcan, authors of The Ninth Orphan, Into the Americas and White Spirit.

Set in present-day London, Silent Fear was inspired by the murders of several deaf students at Gallaudet University, one of the world’s most prestigious learning institutions for the deaf, in Washington, D.C.

A decade in the making, it was written under the guidance of leading deaf filmmaker Brent Macpherson whose commentary on the unique aspects of deaf culture the story covers appears at the end of the book. Together, the Morcans and Macpherson are developing a feature film adaptation of Silent Fear.


Scotland Yard detective Valerie Crowther is assigned to investigate the murder of a student at a university for the Deaf in London, England. The murder investigation coincides with a deadly flu virus outbreak, resulting in the university being quarantined from the outside world. When more Deaf students are murdered, it becomes clear there is a serial killer operating within the sealed-off university. A chilling cat-and-mouse game evolves as the unknown killer targets Valerie and the virus claims more lives.

We have also set up Silent World, a new Goodreads discussion group, to promote the book. New members welcome!

Pre-Order Links

Selling now via Amazon – The kindle version is available now in Amazon’s Pre-order program and will be auto-delivered to Kindle buyers on October 31; the paperback is available now on Amazon.

Kindle eBook | Paperback (Click on the book’s cover via this link to read first few chapters).

About the Authors

Lance Morcan

New Zealand novelist, screenwriter and film producer Lance Morcan is a prolific writer with various published books and released movies to his credit. His novels include the international thriller series THE ORPHAN TRILOGY (The Ninth Orphan / The Orphan Factory / The Orphan Uprising) and the historical adventure series THE WORLD DUOLOGY (World Odyssey / Fiji: A Novel). All five novels were co-written with his son James Morcan and published by Sterling Gate Books. The Morcans’ first non-fiction title, THE ORPHAN CONSPIRACIES, was published recently. Their production company, Morcan Motion Pictures, is developing The Ninth Orphan and Fiji into feature films.

A former journalist and newspaper editor, Lance divides his time these days between novel writing, film producing and screenwriting. Numerous screenplays he has written are in active development as movies and as a producer his feature films have screened at cinemas in Australia, Italy and Cannes.

Lance is currently perfecting his solo-written ‘New Zealand’ – an epic adventure novel covering 500 years of South Pacific and Polynesian history. Including research, writing (and life’s distractions!), this novel has been over a decade in the making.

James Morcan

New Zealand-born actor/writer/producer James Morcan resides in Sydney, Australia. His books include the international thriller series THE ORPHAN TRILOGY (The Ninth Orphan / The Orphan Factory / The Orphan Uprising) and the historical adventure series THE WORLD DUOLOGY (World Odyssey / Fiji: A Novel) and the controversial non-fiction UNDERGROUND KNOWLEDGE SERIES (Genius Intelligence / Antigravity Propulsion etc). These books were all co-written with his father Lance Morcan and published by Sterling Gate Books. Their production company, Morcan Motion Pictures, is developing The Ninth Orphan and Fiji into feature films.

James’ most recent acting performance was a leading role in the post-Apocalyptic feature film ‘After Armageddon’ which he also wrote. The dystopian adventure film was shot in rural Australia in early 2015 and Morcan co-starred with Berynn Schwerdt (‘Wyrmwood’).

Other recent leading roles include the OZ-Bollywood productions ‘My Cornerstone’ and ‘Love You Krishna’. Morcan also wrote the screenplays for both features which were filmed in Sydney and Mumbai and incorporated English and Hindi languages.

Additional productions he has perfromed in include a BBC TV series, several indie features and a live stadium production of Ben Hur headlined by Academy Award winner Russell Crowe. To date, his feature films have screened at cinemas in New Zealand, India, Australia, Italy and Cannes.

Thank you, Lance! I’ve enjoyed learning more about Silent Fear, and I appreciate your generous offer of ARCs to any TGB followers who are interested in giving it a read. Best wishes to you and James for a successful book launch!

About that offer… read below for everything you need to know!

Who Wants a Free ARC? graphic

Lance says:

We are happy to offer free ARCs of Silent Fear for your followers, keeping in mind the Kindle eBook version will go ‘live’ on Amazon on October 31st so we can only forward ARC pdf’s to interested parties until October 30th.

If you’re interested in receiving an ARC of Silent Fear, please fill out the request form provided by the authors. Offer ends October 30, 2017.

Please be aware that The Geeky Bibliophile is not responsible for sending digital ARCs.



  1. Diana · September 26

    Great review. This sounds really interesting and quite tense especially due to the viral outbreak and the murders within the confined space.

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    • Betty · September 26

      It does sound like a good book, doesn’t it? That’s why I was happy to host a guest blog from one of the authors, to tell everyone more about it. 🙂 Hopefully I can check it out for myself sometime soon.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Betty · September 26

      You should sign up for an ARC, if you haven’t already. 🙂

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  2. Jessica's Reading Room · September 26

    It sounds so good! There are not many books that feature disabilities. Heather Gudenkauf’s newest also features a deaf protagonist. I have not been able to read it yet. The tv show Switched at Birth has deaf characters and it got me interested in the deaf community. We have had a few deaf customers at work and when I get them I always wish I knew ASL!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Betty · September 26

      No, there aren’t many, at least not that I’m aware of. The book does sound good! You should fill out the form for an ARC… see what you think about it! 🙂

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  3. Rosepoint Publishing · October 19

    neat picture projecting Valerie!

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    • Betty · October 21

      Isn’t it? I love it when the cover art of a book shows the main character. So many of them don’t show faces anymore!


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