Bookblogger Problems: Procrastinating Writing Reviews


I’ve been book blogging a little over two years now. Long enough to know that putting off writing reviews until later is a bad idea—and yet, I find myself doing it all the time. If I don’t immediately write my review, I’ll put the ‘bones’ of it together, save it as a draft, and move on to the next book… or books, even.

Well, I’ve “latered” them enough that I’ve managed to rack up sixteen unwritten reviews. Sixteen, y’all!

Now I have a review mountain to go along with my TBR mountain. Greaaaaat.

Obviously, I need to get more disciplined about my review writing. I’d save myself a lot of time if I wrote it up after I’ve finished reading. If I did that, I’d spend an hour or so writing it up. But when I wait? It usually takes double the amount of time, because I’m constantly having to go back to the book to refresh my memory on names, or about a crucial event that takes place in the book. I can easily recall the overall storyline, but it’s those specific details that tend to get fuzzy after a while.

So why do I do it? Why don’t I start writing my reviews immediately afterwards, when everything about the book is still crystal-clear in my mind? Why do I put it off, making extra work for myself in having to look up specific details that have gone hazy in my memory?

As the scorpion told the frog, I suppose it’s simply my nature. I’ve always had the really bad habit of putting things off until later. Whether it’s important, trivial, or somewhere in-between… I’m bound to put off something until “later” every day.


But I’ve got to stop procrastinating when it comes to my reviews. Receiving advance copies of books—whether it’s a physical or digital copy—is a privilege that I don’t treat lightly. As an enthusiastic, life-long reader it means a lot to me to be able to help promote books and the authors who write them. Being a book blogger has inspired me to read out of my comfort zone. It’s helped me to become a more thoughtful reader and to pay more attention to the flow of a story and character interactions in ways I probably wouldn’t have done before. It’s allowed me the opportunity to tell authors how much I loved their latest book… something I only dreamed of being able to do in the past.

For all of this, all I’m asked to do in return for access to these advance copies is to share my thoughts about them… and I allowed myself to fall behind on getting that done. sigh As The Doctor would say…


(Quoting lines from my favorite TV shows is something that is also in my nature. Haha)

So… how do I plan to get caught up? I’m going to start posting mini reviews. Or rather, I should say I’m going to give myself permission to write mini reviews—the last time I started writing a mini, it ended up being a regular-length review, so who knows what the finished length will end up being! I’m going to plan on doing at least two a week, in addition to any current reviews that need written, until I get them all done. Once I’m all caught up, I’m HOPING I’ll stay caught up. Fingers crossed!

30 thoughts on “Bookblogger Problems: Procrastinating Writing Reviews

    • I think my oldest outstanding reviews are from September. This is the longest I’ve ever put off reviews. Yikes!

      Here’s hoping that you and I BOTH will get all caught up soon! 🙂

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  1. Writing reviews is such a chore sometimes! I try to take time to clear out my drafts every weekend. It forces me to finish my reviews within the week as well, so it’s pretty much a win-win.
    If I don’t procrastinate on clearing out my drafts that is…

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    • That’s the trouble… there are so many things to procrastinate on doing, right? LOL

      It definitely feels like a chore after I’ve put them off for so long. I need to make up some sort of blogging schedule to help me get more organized. I’ve been meaning to do that for a while, but I keep putting it off… oops!

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      • Yuup, we can pretty much procrastinate on EVERYTHING. We don’t even have to put our minds to it. It happens all by itself, haha!

        I can imagine. I think I have about six in my drafts right now but I’ve been having a non-stop headache for almost a week so.. Yup, procrastinating excuse: check. :’)
        Procrastinating on finding a solution against procrastinating is.. PRO! 😀

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        • It does… it’s like my brain knows I’m going to do it anyway, so it has put me on auto-procrastinate. Haha

          Non-stop headaches are better than an excuse, they are a solid reason. (And I hope it goes away soon… headaches like that are awful.) My best procrastination excuse is… thinks hard… my pets needed cuddles! Yeah, think I’m going to go with that one. 😀

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          • Oh yes, I need to add that to my bio everywhere. Status: Auto-Procrastinating
            Sounds perfect right now. :’)

            Haha, true there. For some reason it still feels more like an excuse than a solid reason. Probably because I can still.. function normally? Apart from the tendency to slam my head against a wall that is; but I have those moments every once in a while anyway, haha.
            Pets in need of attention is a valid excuse! Seriously! Those creatures need all the love they can get!

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    • Thanks, Chelsea! Writing this post was my way of calling myself out on being lazy about writing my reviews. 😁 I hope they’ll help me get caught up, too, because I have got to get organized!

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  2. Oh my goodness, I have three outstanding reviews (will be four by tonight!), and it’s driving me crazy!

    Usually, I try and time it so that I finish a book the night before I want to write the review. I’ve learned that I don’t like writing reviews at night, my kids being home makes it too difficult for me to focus, and if I have too much scheduled for the day, the review gets pushed to the back burner. So I try and look ahead and plan so that I’m writing reviews within 24 hours of finishing a book, and have fewer “reasonable” excuses to put it off.

    BUT. Life doesn’t really work that way. Things come up. Sometimes I read a book faster than anticipated and I don’t have time the next day to squeeze in an unplanned review. Snow days. Sick days. School holidays. Ugh. I wish you luck in catching up. It’s a terrible feeling facing the pile, but you will feel amazing when it’s gone. 🙂

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    • That’s what I need to do: self-impose a deadline for writing reviews. I’m always better at finishing tasks of any kind when they have to be done within a certain amount of time. (I never have trouble getting reviews for blog tours written, because of the deadline.)

      I’ve always had better luck writing at night for the most part… the house is so quiet and I can just sit and think. The hard part is getting started. LOL

      I don’t know how long it’s going to take for me to get caught up again, but I need to get there, and stay there when I do. It’s too stressful when I fall behind!

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    • That’s another thing I stink at… I don’t do that nearly as often as I’d like to, and don’t chat with other bloggers regularly. either.

      One problem at a time, though… first, I work on getting my reviews caught up!


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  4. I love this post so much ❤ I am so guilty of putting off reviews. In fact, I have such a backlog now, that most will probably get a mini review or reviewed just on goodreads at this point. I am my own worst enemy I suppose. But I do agree that with ARCs (if requested – I feel a bit differently about unsolicited bookmail) are a privilege and should be treated as so. I make sure to draft the review ASAP even if I cannot post right away due to tour or publication. You certainly address an issue I feel many of us can relate to ❤

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    • Thank, Danielle. 🙂 It’s helps to know so many of us tend to fall behind here and there. Everyone else seems to be so on top of things on their blogs, posting far more regularly than I do (reviews and other content)… I was truly surprised to see so many of y’all struggle with that just like I do.

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