My Days: Happy and Otherwise by Marion Ross


Marion Ross said she would never write a book about her life. Luckily for fans, she had a change of heart about that. In My Days: Happy and Otherwise, Ross shares stories about her life and six decade career acting in film in television.

Watching Happy Days was a big part of my childhood, so it’s no surprise that I immediately wanted to read this book. I love finding out behind-the-scenes details of television series I love(d), and it was a lot of fun to read about Ross’ memories of working on the show. There were a few surprise (such as her difficult relationship with Tom Bosley in the early days of the show), but most of the memories she shared were quite pleasant and enjoyable to read about. As an added bonus, there are also interviews with her former Happy Days cast members, including the late Erin Moran.

This was an enjoyable read, and I think fans of Happy Days would definitely be interested in this one!

I received an advance review copy of this book courtesy of Kensington Books via Netgalley.

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Author: Marion Ross
Title: My Days: Happy and Otherwise
Genre: Autobiography, Nonfiction
Publication Date: March 27, 2018 by Kensington
Rating: 3 stars

About the Book

For eleven seasons, Marion Ross was head of one of America’s favorite television households. Now meet the lovable real-life woman behind the Happy Days mom . . .

Before she was affectionately known to millions as “Mrs. C.,” Marion Ross began her career as a Paramount starlet who went on to appear in nearly every major TV series of the 1950s and 1960s—including Love, American Style, in which she donned an apron that would cinch her career. Soon after came the fateful phone call from producer Garry Marshall that made her an “overnight” success, and changed her life . . .

In this warm and candid memoir, filled with loving recollections from the award-winning Happy Days team—from break-out star Henry Winkler to Cunningham “wild child” Erin Moran—Ross shares what it was like to be a starry-eyed young girl with dreams in poor, rural Minnesota, and the resilience, sacrifices, and determination it took to make them come true. She recalls her early years in the business, being in the company of such luminaries as Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and Noel Coward, yet always feeling the Hollywood outsider—a painful invisibility that mirrored her own childhood. She reveals the absolute joys of playing a wife and mother on TV, and the struggles of maintaining those roles in real life. But among Ross’s most heart-rending recollections are those of finally finding a soulmate—another secret hope of hers made true well beyond her expectations.

Funny, poignant, and revealing—and featuring Garry Marshall’s final illuminating interview—as well as a touching foreword from her “TV son” Ron Howard, and a conversation with her real-life son and daughter, Marion Ross’s story is one of inspiration, persistence, and gratitude. It’s also a glowing tribute to all those who fulfilled her dreams—and in turn, gave us some of the happiest days of our own lives.

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