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I receive emails almost daily—sent through my contact form on the blog—saying that my review request page is broken. Upon seeing this, I immediately check to make sure the form is loading and working properly. It worked just fine each time I checked it… but I continued to receive emails saying it was broken.

I was at a loss as to why so many people had trouble with it. Was it a problem with their internet connection? Were they having issues with their phone? Perhaps they needed to clear their browser cache?

I think I’ve solved the mystery!

As I prepared to write this post, I checked all the pages again, and I discovered a broken link on the contact page that should have sent visitors to the review request page. It was linked to an old version of the page, however, which no longer exists. If people were using that link to access the request page, they would have seen this message:



Bloggers, this is a good reminder to always check ALL your links. Even though the link on my main menu worked properly, I still managed to overlook a broken link that would be seen (and used) regularly by review seekers. How frustrating that must have been for them…

My apologies to everyone who tried to do as I asked when requesting reviews, only to be met with a broken link… and my thanks to everyone who tried to let me know something was wrong.


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  2. This is a great reminder! Thanks 🙂 Also its important to check that when you comment and someone clicks on your name that it either takes them to your blog, or to gravatar, and if it goes to gravatar, make sure your profile has a link to your blog! (Yours works, I just have a lot of people that comment and then I can’t comment back because their links don’t work right!)

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