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A Secret History of Witches by Louisa Morgan


I’ve had this one on my TBR for a long time. However, it wasn’t until I was approved for an early copy of The Age of Witches through Netgalley that I decided to read this book. And it took me all of (maybe) five minutes to wish I hadn’t waited so long to do it.

A Secret History of Witches tells the story of five generations of the Orchiére witches. The story is arranged in five different sections, as follows: The Book of Nanette, The Book of Ursule, The Book of Irène, The Book of Morwen, and The Book of Veronica. With a time span of a little over one hundred years, the world changes a great deal throughout the books, but one thing remains the same: the Orchiére women must never let anyone discover they are witches.

Knowledge of who they are, and how to practice the craft is passed from mother to daughter. The family birthright—a crystal, a grimoire—is the source of their power and knowledge, and passes through each generation. Some of the witches are more powerful than others. Some are tempted to use their magic in forbidden ways. For all of them, the threat of discovery is a constant danger.

I like to read books featuring witches, so I expected to enjoy this book. Luckily for me, I didn’t just enjoy it—I LOVED IT! Each of the women were fascinating characters (some more likeable than others, as I’d hoped), and though they were similarities in their lives, each time, their choices led to unpredictable outcomes. It was the sort of book that, once started, I couldn’t stop until I’d reached the end.

This book sealed the deal for me—whenever I’m in the mood for witches and magic, Morgan will definitely be one of my go-to authors in the future!

If you love novels with witches, I think you’ll love this book. Highly recommended!

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Author: Louisa Morgan
Title: A Secret History of Witches
Genre: Historical Fiction, Supernatural
Publication Date: November 2017 by Redhook
Rating: 5 stars

About the Book

An ancient and dangerous power is being handed down from mother to daughter through some of the most consequential historic events of the last two centuries.

After Grandmére Ursule gives her life to save her tribe, her magic seems to die with her. Even so, her family keeps the Old Faith, practicing the spells and rites that have been handed from mother to daughter for generations. Until one day, Ursule’s young granddaughter steps into the circle, and magic flows anew.

From early 19th century Brittany to London during the Second World War, five generations of witches fight the battles of their time, deciding how far they are willing to go to protect their family, their heritage, and ultimately, all of our futures.

About the Author

LOUISA MORGAN is the author of A Secret History of Witches, and a pseudonym for award-winning author Louise Marley. Louise lives in the Pacific Northwest where she and her Border Terrier, Oscar, ramble the beaches and paths of Washington State.


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