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On Blogging

I didn’t meet my expectations for posting in the past week. After kicking Monday off with a review, the rest of the week consisted of various weekly memes. (One of which I participated in for the first time.) I expected to share reviews in addition to the memes, but life got in the way, keeping me busy and leaving little free time to write any proper reviews. I’m hopeful that this week will be better, in terms of getting reviews posted.

Posts for the week of January 5 through January 11:

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Most of the time work I did on the blog last week was spent on updating three pages: Contact Me, Review Policy, and Review Requests. Although these pages won’t be seen by everyone who visits TGB, I feel proud of the changes I made to them.

Contact Me: I made a couple of additions to the contact form, asking questions that have several dropdown options for answers.

reason for contacting tgb (with answer options)

I should have had an option available like this from the start. This will help save some time for the message-sender, because they can simply select a reason without having to explain themselves in the message area. I initially intended to include only the first two options, but after giving it some thought, added others to (hopefully) cover all book promotion aspects that someone might want to inquire about.


The second addition simply provides the means for someone to quickly let me know who they are. Once again, this is an option I should have had available from the start.

Review Policy: I made several changes on this page, from updating acceptable genres to preferred reading format,  as well as adding two new sections—”What can you expect if I review your book?” and “What should you do if you disagree with my review or rating?” I think both are excellent additions to my review policy, and help clarify things better than I’ve managed in the past.

Review Requests: This one involved a serious amount of thought and time, because I completely scrapped the old request form and started over. In addition to an overall streamlining of questions (particularly related with book series’ and publisher information), I did away with several sections requesting social media links. A brand new addition to the form is the author bio section, which will be very handy considering it’s difficult (if not impossible) to find author bios for some authors.

On Reading

I read three books last week, and have yet to finish Dragonfly in Amber. That completely understandable since I set it aside in order to read the books I did finish. I don’t intend to start another book until I’m done with Dragonfly—at 58%, it should only take another couple days or so to finish.

Books read the week of January 5 through January 11:

On Other Entertainment

falling skies season one

I started watching Falling Skies last week. I’ve watched 5 (or 6) episodes so far, and I’m having a lot of fun rediscovering this series all over again.

anne with an "e" season three poster

I decided to browse through Netflix on Friday (the first time I checked it this month), and was beyond delighted to discover that the third season of Anne with an “E” was (finally!) streaming. Knowing it consisted of only 10 episodes, I resolved to watch it slowly, one episode at a time. In searching for a season three poster to add to this post, I was greatly disappointed to see that this is, in fact, the final season of the series.

I’m also excited that some of my favorites will start airing new episodes this week and/or wrapping up a crossover event. I can’t wait… I’ve missed watching all of these.

Well, that wraps it up for this weeks Sunday Post. Until next time…

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