Dead Stuff ‘n’ Thangs: The Walking Dead Mid-Season Teaser


Is it just me, or does it feel like an eternity since the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead aired?! February 23 can’t get here fast enough for me. I’m ready to see what happens next!

In case you’ve forgotten anything during the ongoing winter hiatus, you can read a recap of the mid-season finale episode, “The World Before”, on this site.)

The last episode left me with a lot of questions, including things that happened previously but remain unresolved at this point:

  • How the hell are Carol, Daryl, Magna, Connie, Kelly, and Jerry going to get out of that cave with the walker horde? Will all of them get out, or will someone die?
  • How long will Michonne be gone on her trip to the naval base? Can Virgil be trusted?
  • Is Gabriel going to have issues after killing Dante so viciously? Will the loss of Siddiq bring Gabriel and Rosita closer together, or pull them apart?
  • Is Carol ever going to stop make stupid decisions that endanger others in her quest to kill Alpha? Does she care that she keeps putting her friends in danger by acting so recklessly?
  • Where the hell is Lydia?
  • Why is Negan with the Whisperers? Is it all part of a plan to help Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside defeat the Whisperers?
  • Can Gamma (Mary) be trusted?
  • Who is Eugene talking to on the radio, and where is she located?

The mid-season teaser below seems to answer my questions both about Carol and Gamma, (well, one of my questions about Carol, anyway) but I won’t know for sure until the episode nine airs.

Uh-oh. Negan seems to have pegged Gamma as a spy! Will her rat her out to Alpha? And—if I’m not mistaken—I do believe believe Beta is inside Michonne’s house at 0:14. Maybe not, but it is definitely a house in Alexandria. Yikes! Aaron and the others are in battle formation… but where is this (and other battle moments peppered throughout the teaser) taking place? And what’s up with Negan, who is shirtless and appears to be kneeling, looking worried and/or upset? What is he worried about, and where is he? Is King Ezekiel going to tell Carol he has cancer? It looks like Judith repaired the missing wing on Daryl’s jacket… that will probably be a sweet scene with Judith and Daryl when it airs. And hold the phone what’s this? Is Eugene actually going to kiss Rosita? She’s smiling, and doesn’t seem to mind… but is this real, or just a dream/fantasy moment? Hmm… I wonder. Then there’s Daryl wielding a flail, and Rosita swinging a bat… wait, is that Lucille? Because it definitely looks like Lucille. And finally… a bloody Alpha looking up at the sky. Is this her final moment, or does it take place elsewhere in the story?

So many questions, and still more than five weeks left to wait on the possibility of getting a single answer. sigh

One thing I feel fairly confident about is where Negan’s loyalties lie, and that’s with Alexandria. I think his escape and subsequent joining up with the Whisperers is part of his plan to prove the Alexandrians (and the people in the other communities) can trust him. He’s smart enough to know it’s going to take something big to finally gain their trust, and what could be bigger than helping them take down the Whisperers?

I also suspect that Lydia will return to Alexandria at some point. I don’t see where she has any other choice. She can hardly rejoin the Whisperers when (almost) all of them think she’s dead. Alpha could never allow Lydia to come back, so she or Beta would have no choice but to kill Lydia if she tried to return—it’s the only thing they could do, in order to keep Alpha’s deception hidden.

I have no idea how it could play out, but I want Eugene and Rosita to end up together. I like Gabriel a lot, but I always thought Eugene would end up with Rosita. (I think I heard that they were in the comics? I haven’t read the far yet, so I don’t know for certain.) Eugene has been pining for Rosita for so long now, and doing his best to be a good guy about not being the man she chose to be with, but damn… it would be nice to see Rosita change her mind about Eugene… somehow, some way. The downside of that is that it would leave Gabriel unhappy, and potentially ruin his and Eugene’s friendship and mutual respect, and that wouldn’t be a good. I guess I’ll just have to watch and see what, if anything, happens.

That enough speculation for now. I’ll close by saying I’m ready to see some new episodes of The Walking Dead!

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  1. Awesome! I hadn’t seen the trailer yet, so thanks! That was quite a cliffhanger… but I get so mad at Carol and her stupid choices. Argh. You’ve asked all the important questions… five weeks to go!


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