2020 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

Historical Fiction Challenge

Other than setting a yearly reading goal at Goodreads, I haven’t participated in reading challenges. I know many people enjoy them, but I never felt motivated to join in—until now. I just signed up for the 2020 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge! I love Historical fiction, and read it regularly, so this is the perfect reading challenge for me.

Amy is hosting the reading challenge on Passages to the Past. Everyone is welcome to participate, whether they have a blog or not. Any sub-genre of historical fiction is accepted, as well as nonfiction history.

Read the full details about the challenge and sign up here.

You don’t have to read a ton of historical fiction to join in, either. There are challenge level choices available to suit your reading style, whether you’re a casual or hardcore reader of historical fiction.

  • 20th Century Reader – 2 books
  • Victorian Reader – 5 books
  • Renaissance Reader – 10 books
  • Medieval – 15 books
  • Ancient History – 25 books
  • Prehistoric – 50+ books

I feel confident that I’ll be able to Medieval level—perhaps even the Ancient History level. I have many books that qualify for this challenge on my TBR shelf, so I’m excited to see what level I’ll hit by the end of the year.

Have you signed up for a reading challenge this year? Please comment below if you have, because I’d love to hear about it!

13 thoughts on “2020 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

    • Good luck in all your challenges! I have my eye on at least two more. I’m still trying to decide if I can read enough of the required types of books before signing up–but I’m leaning towards ‘yes’ on at least one of them.

      Historical fiction is great genre. You can always count on learning something you didn’t know (or knew little about). I love that, because it always inspires me to do additional reading on a subject, and I end up learning even more in the process.


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