Cover Reveal: An Eye for an Eye by Carol Wyer


I am absolutely delighted to take part in the cover reveal for Carol Wyer’s upcoming book. Given the description (which you can read below!), I’m certain that An Eye for an Eye will be yet another thrilling story, and I can’t wait to read it! I expect clever plot twists and a whodunnit reveal that knocks my socks off—something I have no doubt Wyer will easily deliver, thanks to her flair for creating compelling novels that leave readers begging for more.

Without further ado… here is the cover and description of An Eye for an Eye. Enjoy!


AN EYE FOR AN EYE by Carol Wyer

A killer running rings around the police. A detective spiraling out of control.

DI Kate Young is on leave. She’s the force’s best detective, but her bosses know she’s under pressure, on medication and overcoming trauma. So after her bad judgement call leads to a narrowly averted public disaster, they’re sure all she needs is a rest.

But when Staffordshire Police summon her back to work on a murder case, it’s a harder, more suspicious Kate Young who returns. With a new ruthlessness, she sets about tracking down a clinical, calculating serial killer who is torturing victims and leaving clues to taunt the police. Spurred on by her reporter husband, Young begins to suspect that the murderer might be closer than she ever imagined.

As she works to uncover the truth, Young unravels a network of secrets and lies, with even those closest to her having something to hide. But with her own competence—and her grip on reality—called into question, can she unmask the killer before they strike again?

Out February 9th, 2021 but available to pre-order now!

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10 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: An Eye for an Eye by Carol Wyer

    • So do I! It’s intriguing that this is the first cover featuring only an outdoor setting. All but two of Wyer’s crime thrillers feature a person (close-up or off in the distance). The other two show signs of life–a well-worn pair of shoes in one, a child’s nursery in the other. So this cover is definitely a departure from the usual.

      Perhaps it’s also meant to indicate Kate Young’s character will be vastly different from crime fighters Natalie Ward (Detective Natalie Ward series) and Robyn Carter (DI Robyn Carter series)? It’s definitely a possibility.

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