Betty aka The Geeky Bibliophile

Hey, nice to ‘meet’ you! I’m so pleased you chose to visit my little blog. Let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Betty, and I’m a 40-something aged woman who lives in the United States. I’m blessed with a wonderful family who makes my heart sing. The hubby and I have three adult sons, and we’ll be officially adding a daughter to the family when our son gets married in August 2020–so exciting!

I used to have a beautiful dog named Maggie Mae that I absolutely adored. Maggie was a half-starved, senior stray when we found her and brought her home. It took her about a minute to decide we were going to be BFFs, and she was always by my side. Sadly, a short 375 days later, in November 2018, my sweet girl crossed the rainbow bridge.

Miss Maggie Mae
Miss Maggie Mae. I miss my sweet girl.

One day, I’ll have another dog, but until then I’ll settle for spoiling my cats with treats and toys.

I’m a geek at heart, and it shows in my TV addiction. I have binge-watching marathons all the time, and I’m constantly adding to my TV series collection, even though I’m quickly running out of shelf space. I can spend hours analyzing favorite episodes, character motivations, and quoting dialogue. A few of my current favorites to binge are: The Walking DeadOutlander, This Is Us, Supernatural, The Handmaid’s Tale, Shameless, Chuck, Breaking Bad, and Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Doctor Who meme: "You've watched 7 years of television in 8 days and that's never meant to happen."

I enjoy video games when I’m in the mood to play. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Tomb Raider, and Red Dead Redemption are a few old favorites. My systems are woefully outdated, however, so I haven’t played anything new in a long time. I recently rediscovered my love of board, card, and dice games. I’m especially fond of playing (board game) Clue, Ticket to Ride, and Pandemic; (card game) Skip-Bo, and (dice game) Yahtzee and Last Chance.

My first geeky love is books, however. I’m never far from my Kindle, and am perfectly content to spend hours sitting in my favorite comfy chair, reading a good book. My favorite part of being a book blogger is being able to talk about the stories I loved (or didn’t), and being part of a community of people who are every bit as enthusiastic in talking about everything bookish as I am. When I first started this blog, I had no idea what this blog would become–I didn’t even know book blogs were a thing, back then. Four years (and a few name changes) later, I am proud to say that I am a book blogger.

Welcome to The Geeky Bibliophile!

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    Hi Betty! I have nominated you for the MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award for quality content, originality and presentation. If you choose to accept please visit http://MakeItUltra.com for details. If you choose to decline, please take it as a compliment that I have recognized you for your quality work.

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