The Niece by Georgina Cross

Tara and Beth have been estranged for over a decade when she’s notified of her older sister’s death in a suspicious fire at their childhood home. Tara is shocked to learn Beth named her as guardian of her sixteen-year-old daughter, Hannah, but is determined to make the best of it. Hannah has questions Tara is unable to answer, but of even greater concern are the threatening messages she started receiving shortly after her niece arrived. Someone seems to be targeting her family, and Tara is pretty sure she knows why. The question is… who? And why now?

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The Wife Next Door by Rona Halsall

Jess and Rob aren’t your typical divorcing couple. Their split was a mutual decision, and both moved on to new relationships. Hoping to make these big changes a little easier for their son to adapt to, they decided—along with new partners Ben and Carol and their respective children—to buy a pair of houses and live next door to one another. Everything seems perfect, until Jess receives an ominous message. When unsettling things begin to happen, Jess feels targeted… but by whom, and why?

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White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

The simplistic idea that racism is limited to individual intentional acts committed by unkind people is at the root of virtually all white defensiveness on this topic.

Robin DiAngelo, White Fragility

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