How to Use HTML Tables to Align Images


Have you ever visited a blog that had neat rows perfectly aligned images and wondered, how the heck did they DO that?

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How to Add an Instagram Widget & Goodreads Button to Your Blog


Update: The categories Tips and Blogging Tips, as well as the Ask the Geek page have been removed from TGB. All blogging tips are merged together in the Blogging 101 category.

Did you notice I added a new page to TGB? It’s a companion to my Tips and Blogging Tips called Ask the Geek where readers can ask questions having to do with and blogging in general. I’m very excited to kick it off today with a question from Ezi over at  Oh My Shelves.

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How to Connect Your Blog to Your Social Media Accounts


Did you know you can connect your WordPress blog to your social media accounts? It’s a convenient way to instantly share your blog posts on your favorite social sites. Connecting to your social media profiles is a quick and easy process.

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Admin Dashboard


When I first started blogging, I rarely went into the admin dashboard. Mostly because I couldn’t remember how to get there. I also assumed it was an obsolete area, because you can just click on My Sites to see your stats and find all the settings you want or need to change. Once I started exploring it, however, I realized the admin dashboard  is far from obsolete, and quite useful in many ways.

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