Bookblogger Problems: Procrastinating Writing Reviews


I’ve been book blogging a little over two years now. Long enough to know that putting off writing reviews until later is a bad idea—and yet, I find myself doing it all the time. If I don’t immediately write my review, I’ll put the ‘bones’ of it together, save it as a draft, and move on to the next book… or books, even.

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So Many Ideas… Wasted


The name of my blog says it all… I love books and I’m kind of geeky. (Okay. I’m a lot geeky.) But in naming my blog ‘The Geeky Bibliophile’ I’ve managed to sub-consciously lock myself into talking mostly about books and a few things I like to get my geek on about—most of which has been devoted to The Walking Dead.

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Bookblogger Problems: The Dreaded Information Search

Bookblogger Problems graphic

If you’ve been following my blog for more than a minute, you’ve seen that I like to include a photo and short biography of the author(s) along with my reviews. I also include purchase links, as well as links to the publisher’s and author’s websites. It wasn’t my idea, of course—numerous others in the bookblogging community were doing it long before I did—it seemed like a nice little extra to include with my reviews, so I started doing it, too. Once I’ve got a review ready for posting, I have to admit it pleases me a great deal to see all those extras added to the bottom of the page. It gives it a nice finished look, and I still can’t believe it took me so long to start doing it.

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