Does It Matter If You Allow Comments on Your Blog?


Recently (after Briana mentioned it in a post on Pages Unbound Reviews), I was reading a discussion post from Marie on Drizzle & Hurricane Books called Why I Will (and Won’t) Read Your Blog. In it, Marie discusses the things that draw her in (or turn her away) from someone’s blog, and she raised some very interesting points. The conversations it sparked among her followers were equally thought-provoking, particularly when the conversation focused on being able (or unable) to comment on a blog.

Does it matter if you allow comments on your blog?

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Approaching Book Bloggers with Review Requests


It’s been four years and three days since I posted the first book review on this blog. Back then, I didn’t consider myself a book blogger—I didn’t know book bloggers even existed at that point, to be honest. More than six weeks would go by before I posted my first official review as a book blogger, though it would take far longer than that to lock in a blog name (I’ve changed it a few times since 2015), and longer still to settle into a reviewing style that felt comfortable for me.

In those early days, I was eager to receive review requests, and it wasn’t long before they started trickling in. I was approached through the blog, and every social media site tied to it—and I accepted everything. I didn’t know how to say “no” back then. Even on the rare occasions I tried to let an author down gently by saying I was fully booked for the next month, I would end up (reluctantly) agreeing to read and review their book at a later date. And we won’t discuss my review policy, because I wasn’t savvy enough to have one. I had a lot to learn, and the most important lesson of them all was the need for boundaries.

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The Dreaded Book Blogger Burnout


I’ve seen many of my favorite book bloggers posting that they are feeling overwhelmed and need a break. They are bloggers who usually post at least once a day (sometimes more), so it’s easy to understand why they need to take some time to relax from their busy blogging schedule. I, on the other hand, am not a daily blogger—so why am I am feeling the dreaded book blogger burnout?

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Bookblogger Problems: Procrastinating Writing Reviews


I’ve been book blogging a little over two years now. Long enough to know that putting off writing reviews until later is a bad idea—and yet, I find myself doing it all the time. If I don’t immediately write my review, I’ll put the ‘bones’ of it together, save it as a draft, and move on to the next book… or books, even.

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Bookblogger Problems: The Dreaded Information Search

Bookblogger Problems graphic

If you’ve been following my blog for more than a minute, you’ve seen that I like to include a photo and short biography of the author(s) along with my reviews. I also include purchase links, as well as links to the publisher’s and author’s websites. It wasn’t my idea, of course—numerous others in the bookblogging community were doing it long before I did—it seemed like a nice little extra to include with my reviews, so I started doing it, too. Once I’ve got a review ready for posting, I have to admit it pleases me a great deal to see all those extras added to the bottom of the page. It gives it a nice finished look, and I still can’t believe it took me so long to start doing it.

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