All You Need to Know to Start Using Edelweiss

I have several blogger friends that find Edelweiss confusing, so I thought I’d reblog this EXCELLENT post that explains how to use Edelweiss.

Inside My Library Mind

Edelweiss is confusing.

I remember when I first started blogging, I opened an Edelweiss account, and immediately stopped using it because I didn’t know what the hell was going on there. But as time progressed, I realized that Edelweiss usually has more review copies I am interested in, so the only thing I could do is try to figure it out. And I did! Plus, Netgalley limited a lot of their copies for international readers and it’s really stupid, so I had to switch to Edelweiss. So I am here to impart the knowledge I acquired.

Also, a friendly reminder that there’s a GIVEAWAY going on on the blog.

Let’s get to a comprehensive guide to navigating Edelweiss!

When you open Edelweiss, you are confronted with this mess:


It’s kind of daunting. Never fear! We’re gonna break it down!

First things first – your profile

Once you start using Edelweiss…

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Guest Post by Ann Troup: Bloggers and authors – the ‘rules’ of engagement.

This is a must read!

Bloggers and authors – the ‘rules’ of engagement.

Source: Guest Post by Ann Troup: Bloggers and authors – the ‘rules’ of engagement.

NetGalley for a Self-Published Debut Author



This is a summary of my NetGalley experience as a self-published debut author, which I believe may be of assistance to other self-publishing authors and may also be of interest to NetGalley readers.

Around the end of June 2016, I listed my ebook The Devil’s Prayer with NetGalley, to generate reviews. The entry level for a single title listing at the time was $399 (All prices are 2016 prices in USD). I chose the $599 package which in addition to the listing includes one marketing newsletter.


Over the next six months, I chose to try out the various marketing tools from the NetGalley shed.     I spent a further $1,540 on a variety of NetGalley promotions, including a Category Spotlight placement, a Featured Title placement and two promotional eBlasts. At just over $2,000, (including the listing fee of $599), it is a big spend on a single title. I…

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Immigration…My Two Cents

Very well said!

Random Ramblings – What do bloggers do?

This sums it all up very nicely. Well done, Emma!

Emma The Little Bookworm

I’m a book blogger, a relatively new one at that and I love it.

I’ve been welcomed into the world of all things bookish with open arms by my fellow bloggers, authors, publishers, PR people and readers. It’s a fantastic community and I have made some great friends along the way.

But what does a blogger actually do?

Well, one thing we don’t do is sit around reading and typing all day! Can you hear the collective sighs of “if only” . . . That’s every book blogger in the world – wishful thinking at it’s best!

Most of the bloggers I know either have full or part time jobs, they have children, husbands, cats, dogs, families, friends, social lives, illnesses, medical conditions, school runs, caring responsibilities, house work, and somewhere, in between doing and/or dealing with ALL this, we find the time to read a book and review it.

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