Immigration…My Two Cents

Very well said!

Random Ramblings – What do bloggers do?

This sums it all up very nicely. Well done, Emma!

Emma The Little Bookworm

I’m a book blogger, a relatively new one at that and I love it.

I’ve been welcomed into the world of all things bookish with open arms by my fellow bloggers, authors, publishers, PR people and readers. It’s a fantastic community and I have made some great friends along the way.

But what does a blogger actually do?

Well, one thing we don’t do is sit around reading and typing all day! Can you hear the collective sighs of “if only” . . . That’s every book blogger in the world – wishful thinking at it’s best!

Most of the bloggers I know either have full or part time jobs, they have children, husbands, cats, dogs, families, friends, social lives, illnesses, medical conditions, school runs, caring responsibilities, house work, and somewhere, in between doing and/or dealing with ALL this, we find the time to read a book and review it.

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Thank You Geeky Bibliophile!

A Smile in One Eye


A shout out and thank you to the Geeky Bibliophile!  I hope others will find my answers do justice to the interesting questions asked in the interview this week.

Sometimes it is good to sit back and wonder why we do certain things – like write a book!

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