Book Reviews

A large percentage of the books I review on this blog are ARCs—advance reading copies, which are also known as advance review copies—which I receive for free. I acquire ARCs from the following sources:

Receiving a free ARC, regardless of the source, will NEVER influence the content of my review. The opinions stated in reviews are my own. I love being able to praise books I love, but I am equally willing to state why I don’t like a book I’ve read. It should be noted that critical reviews are NEVER intended as a personal insult to the author, or meant to degrade them in some manner.

I have not accepted (nor will I ever consider accepting)  monetary compensation in exchange for a review.

Book Covers, Author Images, and Promotional Photos for TV Series

Book covers are almost always from Goodreads. Author images and biographies are from Goodreads, the publisher’s website, the author’s website or their Amazon profile. Blog tour graphics, including book and author images, are provided as part of the tour. Promotional photos for TV series (such as The Walking Dead) are used when I write posts discussing a character and/or episode. All rights for these images belong to their respective copyright owners, and are used by me according to the Fair Use Rule. (When I’m able to find the name of the photographer who took the images, they are credited in the photo caption.)

Blog Images

THIS SECTION WILL BE UPDATED SOON. (Note added on 9/19/17)

With rare exceptions, the images on my blog come from a variety of copyright-free stock images sites. Some of the sites I frequent for images include: Pixabay, PexelsBarn Images, Fancy Crave, ISO Republic, Kaboompics, Snapwire Snaps, and Unsplash.

Any memes used on this blog are usually found on Facebook, or Pinterest.