Review Policy

Updated October 27, 2018

I only respond to review requests I accept.

I receive a massive amount of email every day, so it isn’t possible for me to reply to every request I receive. If I’m inclined to accept the request, you’ll receive a reply from me promptly.

I accept requests on a review consideration basis only.

I can not guarantee I will finish reading any book prior to starting it, whether it’s for a review request or a book I’ve chosen from my own personal collection—and I don’t review books unless I finish reading them.

Please don’t expect a review to be written within a specific time frame. 

With the exception of blog tours, I don’t maintain a strict time frame for when I’ll be reading and reviewing specific books. I choose my next book based on the genre I’m in the mood for at that moment, not the date on the calendar.

Preferred Genres (Fiction)

Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, Chick Lit, Coming of Age, Contemporary Fiction, Crime Thriller, Dystopia, Family Saga, Historical Fiction, Magical Realism, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Southern Fiction, Time Travel, and Women’s Fiction.

These are not the only genres I read, but they are the main genres I will consider for review requests.

Preferred Reading Format

Ebook only. File must be compatible with Kindle Fire. No PDFs. Poorly formatted files will be deleted and review consideration will be withdrawn.

I will NOT knowingly promote an author’s work on my blog if it becomes known to me that the author in question has a reputation for bullying book bloggers.

Such behavior is not tolerated at TGB. If I have reviewed an author’s book(s) and learn they have behaved abusively towards another blogger, I will IMMEDIATELY remove my review and/or any other promotional content from my blog.

This policy will be updated as the need arises.