Review Requests

Updated March 14, 2020.

Does your request involve blog tours, cover reveals, book excerpts, hosting a giveaway or writing a guest post on TGB? If so, use the form on the Contact Me page to submit your inquiry. Thank you.

Would you like to submit a review request? Before filling out the request form below, you MUST read my review policy, which was updated on January 10, 2020. It fully explains the following:

  • Why requests are accepted on a review consideration basis
  • Accepted reading format for review copies
  • Genres I am (and am not) accepting review requests for
  • How I respond to review requests after receiving them
  • Whether or not I have a specific time frame for writing reviews
  • What you can expect if I agree to review your book
  • What you should do if you disagree with my review and/or rating

Read the Review Policy Before Proceeding Further

If you haven’t already done so, read my review policy now. (Don’t worry. It will open in a new tab.)

About the Author Bio Section of the Form

I like to include an ‘About the Author’ area at the end of my reviews, but it’s often surprisingly difficult to find one—particularly for indie authors. To save time, I’m requiring that you add your author bio in the form. Please refer to the image below to know what I am specifically looking for in your author bio—those things will be circled in red. (The image is a screenshot of an article. If you’re interested in reading the full article, you can find it here:


Limit Responses to the Requested Information

As you fill in each section of the form, PLEASE restrict your response to what is asked for, and nothing more. I have the form set up the way I do for a reason, and adding extra information or messages in the wrong place makes it tedious to find the information meant for that space. There is a space at the bottom of the form for an additional message, should you want to include one.