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Boob Job: Confessions of a Professional Bra Fitter by Natalee Woods


Boob Job: Confessions of a Professional Bra Fitter tells about the years the author, Natalee Woods, spent working in lingerie departments as a certified bra fitter. Woods shares anecdotes about the customers she assisted (some of whom were more difficult to deal with than others), along with memorable events in her personal life.

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Television Finales: From Howdy Doody to Girls by Douglas L. Howard & David Bianculli (Editors)



Television Finales was an interesting book to read. Multiple genres of television were represented throughout the book: sitcoms, talk shows, children’s shows, drama, soap opera, science fiction, horror, western, medical dramas, and police/crime/procedural  dramas.

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Squeezed: Why Our Families Can’t Afford America by Alissa Quart


I’ve read several books that focus on the struggles faced by people living in poverty (such as Matthew Desmond’s  Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City).  I had not, however, read anything focused on the struggles of those in the middle class, so when I saw this book, I was eager to read it.

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34 Days by Anita Waller




There’s very little I can say about the specifics of this book, since the blurb gives only the broadest overview.  I don’t want to spoil anything, so this is going to be a tricky review to write… but I’ll do my best to entice your reading appetite.

The morning of their 35th anniversary, Anna left her husband, Ray, who is an abusive, controlling man. Days later, she is stunned when someone close to her confides a shocking secret about Ray.  Anna finds herself swept away by a force she can’t control, knowing it will change the lives of everyone she loves, but is utterly powerless to prevent what’s coming.

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The Beloveds by Maureen Lindley #Review @GalleryBooks


Betty Stash loves nothing and no one more than she loves Pipets, her childhood home. Every inch of House (as she calls it) is precious to her—perhaps a bit too precious, as we learn in the beginning of the book that she has been recently diagnosed as an objectophile. As the oldest daughter, she expected to be the one to inherit Pipets. After the death of her mother, Betty learned Pipits was to be inherited by younger sister Gloria. She is enraged, thinking it yet another example of “beloveds”—beautiful, lucky people—having things work out perfectly for them at the expense of someone else. Betty is determined to have Pipets for herself, however, and has no problem doing whatever it takes to make that happen. Continue reading “The Beloveds by Maureen Lindley #Review @GalleryBooks”