The Blind by A.F. Brady


Samantha James is a psychologist at Typhlos, a Manhattan mental institution. Even though she appears to have a great life—both professionally and personally—the shameful truth is that Samantha—or Sam, as she prefers to be called—is a mess in more ways than one. She’s an alcoholic with an abusive boyfriend she refuses she leave because she’s convinced she can help him. That’s what Sam does—she tries to save everyone—and she does have the highest success rate with the toughest patients at Typhlos—but she can’t seem to save herself from the wreck her life has become. She manages to hide it at work, until she takes over the care of a patient named Richard, a man no one else can help because he refuses to speak about why he’s there, or even assist with getting the necessary paperwork filled out. Sam is determined to get him talking and find out why he is there… even as the facade of her ‘perfect’ life begins to unravel.

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