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The Twilight Wife by A.J. Banner


Kyra suffered a head injury in a diving accident, and has lost the last four years of her life as a result. She relies on husband Jacob—a man she doesn’t remember falling in love with and marrying—to help her remember their lives together. Jacob is the image of a devoted husband, but he often seems impatient with Kyra’s questions. When Kyra begins to have flashes of what seems to be memories, and pursues answers from him about the diving accident, she begins to feel that Jacob is keeping something important from her, and even lying to her outright. Kyra’s suspicions grow when a strange old man seems to know her, and asks an unsettling question. Determined to find out what really happened in the diving accident—and what, if anything, Jacob is hiding from her—Kyra leaves no stone unturned in her quest for the truth… and it’s more terrible than she could have imagined.

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