Watching Edie by Camilla Way


Edie, a 33-year-old pregnant waitress, is shocked when her childhood friend shows up at her door. She hasn’t seen Heather in 15 years, but she always expected—and dreaded—the day she would see her again. Heather seems overjoyed to have found her, but the feeling isn’t mutual. Edie gets rid of her as quickly as she can, reluctantly giving Heather her phone number in process. Over the next several weeks, Edie ignores Heather’s calls and busies herself preparing for the arrival of her baby. But when Maya is born, Edie feels nothing for her daughter. Left to care for her alone, Edie feels increasingly unable to cope. In the moment of her deepest despair, Heather reappears, offering to help. Numb with exhaustion, Edie gratefully agrees. Heather moves in, taking over every aspect of Maya’s care, and discourages people from visiting or calling, saying Edie wasn’t well and needed rest.

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