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The Sleepover by Carol Wyer #Review @carolewyer @bookouture


Cathy thought nothing of it when daughter, Roxy, left to spend the night with her best friend, but she should have. The next day brings the dreadful news that Roxy is dead, her body found in a house belonging to people she couldn’t have known. Natalie Ward and her team are tasked with discovering how Roxy died, but everyone they talk to seems to be hiding something. They’ve barely begun their investigation when Cathy is found dead. Natalie and team must find the killer, and soon… before they strike again.

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The Dare by Carol Wyer #Review @carolewyer @bookouture


When a teenaged girl goes missing, Detective Natalie Ward hopes they will find the presumed runaway safe and sound, but they find her body instead. Her team has barely begun to investigate when word comes of another missing girl, whom they once again find too late. The pressure is on to find the killer before they strike again, and Natalie is horrified when her own daughter disappears.

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Top Reads of 2018


I read 114 books in 2018, more than doubling my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal of 52. This marks the best year I’ve had since I first started participating in the challenge back in 2015, and I was very pleased to do so well. I chose a lot of great books, and my rating average for the year was 4.3 stars. I read a variety of fictional genres, including historical fiction, dystopia, fantasy, and crime/psychological thrillers. My nonfiction reading focused heavily on history, current events, social issues, and memoirs. I was entertained by the stories, and I gained a great deal of knowledge on various topics, as well. 2018 was definitely a great year for reading!

But which books were the best?

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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #IMWAYR


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Kathryn at The Book Date to share what you recently finished reading, what you’re currently reading, and what you plan on reading next.

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The Birthday by Carol Wyer #Review @carolewyer @bookouture


Two years ago, a five-year-old girl went missing at a birthday party, and her body was recently discovered. Now another little girl is missing… and she was also a guest at the ill-fated celebration. It’s up to Detective Natalie Ward and her team to track down the killer, but with few leads to go on, it won’t be an easy task.

I love the DI Robyn Carter series, and looked forward to ‘meeting’ Detective Natalie Ward. My expectations were high, and I was concerned that I would compare the two characters and (perhaps) find myself wishing this novel was about the former—but I needn’t have worried. Wyer easily surpassed all my expectations, creating a dynamic lead character that is every bit as enthralling as the beloved DI Carter.

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The Missing Girls by Carol Wyer #Review @carolewyer @bookouture


The Missing Girls finds DI Robyn Carter on the trail of a killer yet again when a stakeout that was meant to lead to a drug bust turned up a the body of a teenage girl instead. she is left with few leads and too many unanswered questions when the body of another girl is discovered. The pressure is on to find the killer, and Robyn needs to solve these murders in a hurry because someone she cares about is missing—and time is running out. Continue reading “The Missing Girls by Carol Wyer #Review @carolewyer @bookouture”

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Secrets of the Dead by Carol Wyer #Review @carolewyer @bookouture


Secrets of the Dead is the second installment of the DI Robyn Carter series. I haven’t read the first book, Little Girl Lost, but I didn’t feel it diminished my ability to enjoy this story. And oh my… did I ever enjoy this story!

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