The Stepmother by Claire Seeber


Still reeling from the scandal that devastated her life, single mother Jeanie meets Matthew, a wealthy, divorced father of two teenagers, and finds herself swept away in a whirlwind romance that quickly leads to marriage. Feeling optimistic in their love, Jeanie dreams of blending their families together and living happily ever after… but her step-daughter immediately rejects her and Jeanie’s vision of a happy life seems unlikely to happen. Jeanie begins to feel like an outsider when Matthew’s children are around, and she realizes how little she and Matthew knew about each another before they got married. The one thing she doesn’t want him to know is the secret she’s keeping about her past, but it’s only a matter of time before he finds out because someone has been sending threatening messages to Jeanie, taunting her with their knowledge of the truth. Between that and the strange, frightening things happening at the house, Jeanie’s fairy tale life is quickly becoming a nightmare.

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