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Those Other Women by Nicola Moriarty #Review @wmmorrowbooks


Poppy and her friend Annalise are sick and tired of the special treatment some of the women at her job get, just because they have children.Why should they constantly get to leave work early, and have more flexible hours, simply because they chose to have kids? And what’s the deal with the local Facebook group MOP (Mums Online in Parramatta) that only allowed mothers to join? Why wasn’t there a local group that only allowed women who chose not to have kids as members? They couldn’t do anything about the former, but they could do something about the latter—and that’s how NOP (Non-Mums Online in Parramatta) came to be. It was a great place to vent amongst like-minded women, and everyone loved it—well, almost everyone. There’s a spy in there midst, and it isn’t long before their private rants are being shared with their rival group. As it turns out, the spy isn’t the only member of NOP who’s hiding something.

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Marilla of Green Gables by Sarah McCoy #Review @SarahMMcCoy @wmmorrowbooks


Fans of the Anne of Green Gables series of books fondly remember Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, guardians of the spirited Anne Shirley. If you’ve ever wondered about life at Green Gables when the Cuthbert siblings were young, you’ll want to check out Sarah McCoy’s Marilla of Green Gables.

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Television Finales: From Howdy Doody to Girls by Douglas L. Howard & David Bianculli (Editors)



Television Finales was an interesting book to read. Multiple genres of television were represented throughout the book: sitcoms, talk shows, children’s shows, drama, soap opera, science fiction, horror, western, medical dramas, and police/crime/procedural  dramas.

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Vox by Christina Dalcher #Review @CVDalcher @BerkleyPub


The Bible Belt expanded, and before long, encompassed the entire United States. The Pure Movement took hold soon afterwards, and women lost everything. First, they took away their passports, then they took everything else. No books. No writing. No jobs. No money. No phone. No birth control. No same-sex relationships (for anyone). And, finally, allowing women to speak only one hundred words per day—enforced by a bracelet worn on the wrist—a word counter—that delivered an electric shock which increased in intensity with every word spoken over their daily allotment. Women were allowed to cook, clean, garden, have babies… and very little else.

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The Daisy Children by Sofia Grant #Review @swlittlefield @Morrow_PB


Before I get into my review of the book, I want to talk a little about the true event mentioned in the blurb, as it is a subject I’ve previously read about and was amazed that few people are aware of it today.

On March 18, 1937, the deadliest school disaster in American history happened at New London, Texas, when an explosion ripped through the school and killed an estimated 296 students and teachers. Others ultimately wouldn’t survive the injuries they received that day, bringing the death toll to 311.

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