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Iron Garland by Jeff Wheeler


Jeff Wheeler draws readers back into the magical world of Muirwood in the latest installment of the Harbinger series.  Three years have passed, and the war with Kingfountain continues. Sera remains in isolated exile, yearning to be free and able to take her rightful place as Empress. Cettie fills her time as Keeper of Fog Willows, as well as making important (and secret) contributions to the war effort. Meanwhile, long kept secrets are at risk of being revealed, and a new threat lurks in the horizon.

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Mirror Gate by Jeff Wheeler


Four years have passed since we first me Cettie Pratt and Seraphin Fitzempress in Storm Glass. The girls have been students at Muirwood Abbey, learning the magic of the Mysteries. The emperor dies just as a terrible sickness—the Cholera Morbus—is sweeping through the kingdom. Seraphin find herself vying for the throne against her power-hungry father. War looms on the horizon as Sera faces betrayal from those she trusts, and Cettie is threatened by an evil from her past that wants to destroy everything she holds dear.

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Storm Glass by Jeff Wheeler


Storm Glass is set in a Dickensian world where the the wealthy live in manors magically suspended in the sky by means of something called the ‘mysteries”, something only the sky-dwellers are privy to learn and understand. The unfortunate, impoverished people live below in “the Fells”, where their short lives are marked by hard work, hunger, and meager means. This duality is explored through two characters: Seraphin Fitzempress, heir to the throne, who is kept isolated from everyone by her father and battles loneliness as a result; and Cettie Pratt, a girl who lived in the Fells with a negligent guardian until she meets Vice Admiral Fitzroy, who agrees to take her to his sky manor when she pleaded with him to take her away from her miserable home—only to have to contend with his Keeper of the House, Mrs. Pullman, who wants Cettie back in the Fells where she belongs.

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