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The Rise of Magicks by Nora Roberts


Although I could have read The Rise of Magicks quickly, I forced myself to go slowly–to savor the reading experience. Knowing that this was the last piece of the story, I didn’t want to rush through it. It was the right call, because it deepened my enjoyment of the story.

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The Sleepover by Carol Wyer


Cathy thought nothing of it when daughter, Roxy, left to spend the night with her best friend, but she should have. The next day brings the dreadful news that Roxy is dead, her body found in a house belonging to people she couldn’t have known. Natalie Ward and her team are tasked with discovering how Roxy died, but everyone they talk to seems to be hiding something. They’ve barely begun their investigation when Cathy is found dead. Natalie and team must find the killer, and soon… before they strike again.

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The Secret Letter by Debbie Rix


The gorgeous cover and intriguing title alone pretty much had me sold on reading this book, but the blurb sealed the deal. I seem to be especially drawn to historical novels about WWII lately. What appealed to me most about this novel is that the two main characters are on opposing sides of the war. Imogen is British, Magda is German, and each are expected to do their patriotic duty.

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Wunderland by Jennifer Cody Epstein


Friends Ilse von Fischer and Renate Bauer are schoolgirls living in Berlin as the Nazis rise to power. Swept away with patriotic fervor, Ilse joins the Hitler Youth Movement and encourages Renate to so the same—never suspecting it will lead to the destruction of their friendship and set a devastating betrayal in motion that will have repercussions on Ilse’s relationship with her daughter years later.

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Dead Inside by Noelle Holten


Three men were murdered, and they all had two things in common: a history of domestic violence and Probation Officer Lucy Sherwood. DC Maggie Jamieson and her team are in the midst of their investigation when Lucy’s husband becomes the fourth victim. Is it all a terrible coincidence, or is Lucy a killer? The team needs to solve these crimes, and soon… before someone else turns up dead.

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