The Silent Wife by Kerry Fisher

 Shortly before publication day rolled around, this book—previously titled The Secrets of Second Wives— was given a makeover. While I didn’t dislike the original title and cover image, I have to agree that the changes were for the best. The new cover image is captivating; the new title succinct and just a bit mysterious.

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The Island Escape by Kerry Fisher


The Island Escape is a wonderfully written story focusing on two long-time friends and how both their lives are affected when one of them finds herself going through a divorce.

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After the Lie by Kerry Fisher


Lydia appears to have the perfect life: a loving husband, two children, and a thriving business of her own. She’s the one who always knows what to do, and what to say. But the image of that ‘perfect life’ couldn’t be further from the truth. Everything she has,  everything she’s done is based on a lie. A lie that covers a truth so shameful, it hasn’t been spoken of for thirty years. A lie her husband and children must never find out about. A lie that she and her parents have gone to extraordinary lengths to protect from discovery.

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