The Surrogate by Louise Jensen


Kat and Nick are on the verge of giving up on their dream to become parents. Unable to have a child of their own, they decided to adopt a baby instead—only to be crushed after the adoptions failed to go through not once, but twice. Then Kat unexpectedly sees her old friend, Lisa—whom she hasn’t spoken to in years, for reasons readers aren’t privy to until later in the book. Rather than the upset she expected, the two women fall back into their friendship as though their estrangement never happened. The despair Kat feels over not having a child changes to hope when Lisa offers to be a surrogate for Kat and her husband. Her dream is about to come true… or is it? Lisa begins to do things that make Kat suspicious, and she wonders if her past is coming back to haunt her, but she could never have foreseen the horror that awaited her.

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The Gift by Louise Jensen


Have you ever read a book that so incredibly good, you wanted to tell everyone you meet that they MUST read it? Well, allow me to introduce you to The Gift, because this is an experience you don’t want to miss! Gripping, riveting, spellbinding, engrossing—whip out your thesaurus and pick any synonym you like—this fascinating psychological thriller will have you staying up way past your bedtime. But don’t worry… it’s well worth the book hangover.

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The Sister by Louise Jensen


Best friends Grace and Charlie were inseparable throughout their childhood, but shortly after Grace’s 18th birthday, Charlie left without warning, leaving a note for Grace asking for her forgiveness. But forgiveness for what?

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