Review: Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts


Reena Hale grew up with an intimate knowledge of the destructive power of fire. When she was a child, her family’s restaurant was burned to the ground, and the man responsible was sent to jail. The Hale family banded together to rebuild, and Reena found her life’s calling. She trained as a firefighter and then as a cop, always with the end goal in sight: to become an arson investigator. Now, as part of the arson unit, she is called in on a series of suspicious fires that seem to be connected-not just to each other, but to her. And as danger ignites all around her, Reena must rely on experience and instinct to catch a dangerous madman who will not stop until everything she loves has gone up in smoke.

Great story, and I very much enjoyed it. I would have given it a higher rating, but it was a bit of a letdown that there wasn’t any mystery involved (for the reader) in figuring out the identity of the arsonist. I don’t know if that was intentional or not, but I would have enjoyed the book even more if I wasn’t so certain about who it was right from their first appearance. The thoughts and plottings of the arsonist would have had a greater chill factor if I hadn’t known who was doing it. (Or better still, if I thought I knew, only to be surprised to discover it was someone else that I never even slightly suspected!)

Author: Nora Roberts

Title: Blue Smoke

Published: September 17, 2005 by Putnam

Rating: ★★★


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Review: Threads by Polly Iyer


Think about the worst moment in your life. A moment that changed irrevocably everything you’ve ever known. Would you take that moment back?

What if that moment offers you a different life, allows you to do things you would never do otherwise? Meet people you would never know?

Think again.

That one moment transforms the lives of a dozen people, each keeping a secret they can never expose. A single thread ties them together. Inextricably and forever. Cut it, and someone dies.

Now, would you take that moment back?

Excellent book! I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense/thrillers. I was interested in the plot, but I truly wasn’t expecting this to be such an intense read. It was hard to put down. It was very well written and never had a dull moment. A joy to read!

I look forward to reading more from this author.

Author: Polly Iyer

Title: Threads

Published: May 19, 2013 by Parkwood Press

Rating: ★★★★★


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Review: Passing Through Paradise by Susan Wiggs


It’s been two years since the mysterious accident took Sandra Winslow’s politician husband, Victor–the favorite son of a town called Paradise–and left Sandra under a cloud of suspicion. She decides to sell her beach house on the edge of town and hires Mike Malloy, who touches her lonely heart. Can she trust a man with unbreakable ties to a community she’s eager to leave behind–and who is determined to unearth her deepest secrets?

With this kind of set-up, Passing Through Paradise definitely has elements of suspense in it, but I decided to shelve it as contemporary romance, instead, as I felt there was more focus on the relationship between Sandra and Mike for most of the book.

I really liked this novel, even though it was the first contemporary romance I’ve read by Ms. Wiggs. Up until this, I had only ever read some of her historical romances, and I thought it would be my preference in reading her novels. I’m happy to say that I was proved wrong… it was just as enjoyable as her historical novels, perhaps more so because of the element of suspense.

If you enjoy reading contemporary romance and/or romantic suspense, I think you will find this a good read.

Author: Susan Wiggs

Title: Passing Through Paradise

Published: 1/1/2002 by Warner Books

Rating: ★★★★


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Review: Three Fates by Nora Roberts



When the Lusitania sank, one survivor became a changed man, giving up his life as a petty thief—but keeping the small silver statue he lifted, a family heirloom to future generations. Now, nearly a century later, that priceless heirloom, one of a long-separated set of three, has been stolen. And Malachi, Gideon, and Rebecca Sullivan are determined to recover their great-great-grandfather’s treasure, reunite the Three Fates, and make their fortune.The quest will take them from their home in Ireland to Helsinki, Prague, and New York where they will meet a brilliant scholar who will aid them in their hunt—and an ambitious woman who will stop at nothing to acquire the Fates…

I always enjoy books that use a real event in history as the foundation for the story, so I was hooked right away when I saw the sinking of the Lusitania was being used for this one. The story rarely has a dull moment, and it was fascinating to see the way the lives of the protagonists were intertwined in both the past and the present. This was a very enjoyable book to read, and as much as I wanted to know the conclusion, I was a little sorry when I realized I’d read the last page. I would recommend it very highly to anyone who enjoys reading. It was a thoroughly engrossing novel from start to finish!

 Author: Nora Roberts

Title: Three Fates

Published:  6/1/2002 by Thorndike Press

Rating: ★★★★★

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