The Family Next Door by Sally Hepworth


Pleasant Court is a nice suburb where everyone knows everyone else, but it would be a stretch to say close friendships were formed. Essie, Fran, and Ange are all mothers of young children who take an interest in their new neighbor, Isabelle Heatherington, a woman who has neither husband nor children in a neighborhood full of families. It seemed a strange choice of residence to the trio of women, and they tried to learn more about Isabelle even as they concealed secrets of their own from everyone. One of the moms feels particularly drawn to Isabelle before the truth of her arrival is revealed, shattering someone’s entire world when their child is put in danger as a result of the revelation. Continue reading “The Family Next Door by Sally Hepworth”

The Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth


As a young mother, one of my greatest fears was something happening—an illness, or an accident—that would take me from my children, leaving them to grow up without me. The thought alone was enough to leave me in tears, but I had the comfort of knowing if such a terrible thing were to happen, my ‘babies’ would be loved and well cared for by their dad and a large, extended family. Even if something happened to me, I knew my boys would be fine. But what would a mother do if she had no one?

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