This Child of Mine by Sinéad Moriarty


Sinéad Moriarty has written yet another emotionally intense novel guaranteed to have you reaching for a box of tissues. This Child of Mine tells the story of two mothers, two daughters, and decisions made long ago that affected the course of all their lives.

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The Secrets Sisters Keep by Sinéad Moriarty


The Secrets Sisters Keep is the delightful second book in the Devlin Sisters series. Five years have passed since we first met Julie, Louise, and Sophie in Me and My Sisters, and things have changed quite a bit in their lives.

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Me and My Sisters by Sinéad Moriarty


Me and My Sisters tells the story of three Irish sisters—Julie, Louise, and Sophie—and how their relationships with each other begins to change and become more meaningful when their lives face unexpected challenges and upheavals. Julie is an exhausted mother of four very young boys—including a rambunctious set of triplets—struggling to make ends meet on her husband’s reduced salary. Louise is a very successful lawyer in a London law firm whose world is turned upside down when she becomes pregnant and decided to raise the baby on her own. And then there’s Sophie, the former model married to a very rich man with whom she has a perfectly-behaved daughter, living a life of glamour and ease until an unexpected disaster destroys every aspect of her life.

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