The Best (and worst) Books I Read in 2019

The Best (and worst) Books I Read in 2019

There is one thing I always look forward to each December: receiving the email alerting me that My Year in Books is ready for viewing on Goodreads. Although I keep track of how many books I’ve read each year in the yearly reading challenge on the site, the year-end stats are always fun to read.

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Top Reads of 2018


I read 114 books in 2018, more than doubling my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal of 52. This marks the best year I’ve had since I first started participating in the challenge back in 2015, and I was very pleased to do so well. I chose a lot of great books, and my rating average for the year was 4.3 stars. I read a variety of fictional genres, including historical fiction, dystopia, fantasy, and crime/psychological thrillers. My nonfiction reading focused heavily on history, current events, social issues, and memoirs. I was entertained by the stories, and I gained a great deal of knowledge on various topics, as well. 2018 was definitely a great year for reading!

But which books were the best?

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My Favorite Reads of 2017

2017 will go down as a memorable year for me; I’ve read so many fantastic books this year! That’s why I’ve put off writing this post until now. With all the great books I’ve had the privilege of reading these last twelve months, how could I ever select a few as favorites?

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