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Forget You Know Me by Jessica Strawser #Review @StMartinsPress

Author photo by Corrie Schaffeld

Lifelong friends Liza and Molly have grown distant since Liza moved to Chicago. One night, when Molly’s husband Daniel is away on business, they have a video chat in a bid to reconnect. After an awkward start, the conversation is flowing easily when Molly has to go check on one of her children. Liza is horrified when she sees a masked man enter her friend’s house, and panics when the screen goes dark. She calls the police, and then—unable to get Molly to answer her phone—Liza jumps in her car and drives all night to make sure she is okay, only to be turned away by an angry Molly. Confused, hurt, and angry, Liza returns home only to find more heartbreak waiting for her as she tries to figure out what happened that fateful night.

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Before and Again by Barbara Delinsky #Review @BarbaraDelinsky @StMartinsPress


Taking her eyes off the road for a moment is all it took to change the life of Mackenzie Cooper forever. Her car crashed into another, killing her daughter. The loss of her marriage, family, and friends came soon afterwards. Now she’s living a new life in Vermont as Maggie Reid, working as makeup artist in a luxury spa. Her new friends know nothing about her past, and Maggie is enjoying life out of the spotlight… until her friend’s son is accused of a crime. Maggie is faced with a difficult choice: she can be there for her friend, and risk the truth about her past being outed, or protect her secrets at all costs… including the loss of yet another treasured friendship.

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Not Her Daughter by Rea Frey #Review @ReaFrey_Author @stmartinspress


Is it really kidnapping when you’re rescuing a child?

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Those Other Women by Nicola Moriarty #Review @wmmorrowbooks


Poppy and her friend Annalise are sick and tired of the special treatment some of the women at her job get, just because they have children.Why should they constantly get to leave work early, and have more flexible hours, simply because they chose to have kids? And what’s the deal with the local Facebook group MOP (Mums Online in Parramatta) that only allowed mothers to join? Why wasn’t there a local group that only allowed women who chose not to have kids as members? They couldn’t do anything about the former, but they could do something about the latter—and that’s how NOP (Non-Mums Online in Parramatta) came to be. It was a great place to vent amongst like-minded women, and everyone loved it—well, almost everyone. There’s a spy in there midst, and it isn’t long before their private rants are being shared with their rival group. As it turns out, the spy isn’t the only member of NOP who’s hiding something.

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The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain #Review @D_Chamberlain @StMartinsPress


The hits keep coming for Carly Sears. Her husband Joe was killed in Vietnam, and the joy she felt at discovering she was pregnant turned to devastation when she learns her unborn baby has a fatal heart defect. Her brother-in-law tells her a way her baby can survive and it sounds insane to Carly…  but she’s willing to do whatever it takes to save her baby girl.

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